Admission Procedure

Westminster’s reputation for caring for students and providing an excellent education is the foundation for its growth and success. Over the years Westminster has gained itself a reputation for producing students of real academic quality and because of this we have been able attract a large number of prospective students.

Westminster Academy welcomes children of all races, religions, and nationalities. Families are required to set up an appointment to visit and speak with the Director or Principal.

Admission is generally at the beginning of the academic year, which is in August. Admission at other times can often be accommodated subject to the availability of places.

If you would like advice on your eligibility, please contact the Admission Manager: who will be happy to discuss individual aspects with you.

Admission is subject to availability of seats and clearing an entry assessment in English Language and Mathematics.

This is followed by an interview with the parents and a senior member of the administration.

Parent(s) will be informed if the applicant has been granted admission.

Applicants are required to pay the security, admission and tuition fees before acceptance as a full-time student

The Academic Year

The academic year is divided as follows:

  • Fall Term                  August-December
  • Spring Term            January-June
  • Summer Break:      9 weeks approx.
  • Winter Break:          2 Weeks approx.