The Westminster Experience

Life at Westminster has its own distinct flavour. Being a student at Westminster brings with it special privileges and opportunities. We support, encourage and inspire all our students so that they can make the most of their Westminster experience. It is a recognized fact that the development of the youth into good citizens who are knowledgeable, confident, balanced and possess strong character and leadership attributes, calls for the youth to be exposed to, besides the Academic education, a wide range of extracurricular activities. We aim at bringing together students and supporting their growth, wellness and success both within and outside of the classroom and in the world beyond. Other than the structured programs, the school also puts on many events and activities that strengthen the links within the school community. Many of these events are jointly organized by the students and teachers. This includes an Annual Talent Show, Movie nights, Fashion shows, Food Festival, Welcome and farewell get togethers, bonfires and an ever-changing array of further activities, some initiated by students themselves.

As a progressive academic institution and a truly innovative school, Westminster is providing the students opportunities to explore and experience ideas beyond traditional academic setting. Most learning takes place through engaging each child in a variety of activities designed to help realize their potential. 

At Westminster many areas of in-depth study are offered to students by drawing from a diverse set of disciplines that extend beyond traditional classroom learning. The school provides a wide range of A level courses, as well as the Cambridge AICE diploma alongside close and collaborative profile building inclusive of many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

A variety of physical, scholarly, athletic and recreational activities altogether forming a network of more than two dozen student-led clubs and societies are actively promoting student leadership, teamwork and skill development outside of classrooms. These clubs and societies have allowed our students to compete at national and international levels, and represent Westminster as an institute that promotes diverse co-curricular activities.

The Bahria campus boasts a sports environment of the highest standard, equipped with multiple sports facilities, professional coaches and student athletes who have represented Pakistan and Westminster at both national and international levels. The campus has a football ground with lush green grass, and a full-time FIFA experienced instructor to coach girls and boys.

The academic enterprise and creativity of Westminster International School are of the highest standard. The students experience is greatly shaped by taking part in stimulating projects where they employ the knowledge and skills they acquired at school. The students get to be a part of a number of invaluable internships and volunteer work opportunities with local and international organizations allowing them to realize their future career prospects. Students have interned and volunteered with organizations such as WWF, SOS Village and Karvan-e-Falah to name a few.

Social activities have been inculcated into the Westminster International School curriculum, resulting in increased social recognition abilities amongst its students. The selection and administration of social events is highly student-centric. The students engage in mind-mapping and other creative strategies each week during the diversity hour to come up with new and engaging ideas for social networking events.

The Westminster International School, Bahria Campus is a center for advanced education and academic achievement, intent on cultivating a new generation of learners, destined to enter the global professional community to become influential leaders